The Indian Review of World Literature in English
Vol-17: No.II
July, 2021

The Indian Review of World Literature in English

Step one to become a Referee

Fill in the provided registration form provided below and submit mail it to the Editor. You can also send the details by mail to the Editor at and The referee is chosen based on his/her experience in the review and editing field. The final decision of appointing you as a referee is Editor's choice. If you are selected as a referee, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail by the editor.

A brief overview

IRWLE journal publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed research papers from all areas of Literature and Literary criticism. Therefore, we are looking for articles that would be free of grammatical errors, plagiarism and above all utmost priority need to be given to an article that has real contribution to the literary field. Kindly bear this in mind when reviewing the articles for us.

Invitation to review an article

You will receive an e-mail invitation from the journal that includes the manuscript title, abstract, names of the authors, invitation response links and a deadline for submitting your report. In addition to your availability, please consider whether the topic of this work is within your field of expertise and whether you have any conflict of interest with the authors. Please let us know if you are accepting or declining our invitation to review as soon as possible, to minimise delay for the authors. To tell us whether you can review the article email the editor and express your consent.

If you are able to review the article but require more time to prepare a report we are happy to consider an extension. If you are unable to review, we would be grateful if you would suggest an alternative referee. In addition, if you are unavailable for a period of time (months) or would like to avoid receiving any more review requests, please send this information with your decline response and we will update your contact record as appropriate.

Submitting a Report

The referee is requested to submit a detailed report considering the quality and presentation of the paper. You are expected to given a written report. If the paper has minimum or no errors, then you can recommend it for publishing. Please note that if major revisions are required, the paper should be rejected and the authors may be asked to resubmit as a new paper once they have made the revisions.

Your utmost sincere participation is expected for publishing standard articles in our journal.